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Jock Girls Live - Serious Money for Serious Women.

We offer payouts starting at 60% for all sales! Bring your own clients and earn up to 90% using our affiliate program! NO OTHER SITE PAYS MORE!

JockGirlsLive is seeking elite female models, fitness women, and female bodybuilders for a new, Better Cam Company! If you are a female athelete, we want to offer you some of the highest commissions in the industry! Get to know us today, and apply now!


We know what it takes to help you achieve, and we give you the tools, support, and structure and opportunity to earn more, create more, and focus on what YOU do best. We understand that without the talented people who work with us - we don't have a business; our focus is you. And this is only a few of the things that makes us A Better Cam Company.

We also know that each and every one of you is a fierce competitor - and we admire it. But, in business, we believe that everyone does better when EVERYONE does better. Though each of you is engaged in an individual sport - when it comes to business, we want teamwork.

We believe in a supportive, nurturing, service oriented environment. We believe that each person who works with us (and each customer who comes to us) is a unique individual, worthy of respect, dignity, and is of value. We believe in community, relationships, and diversity. We believe in listening to our affiliates, our models, our customers, and taking the needs of all into account. We believe in open, respectful communication and transparency. Finally we believe that YOU are our most important asset, and we will do everything within our power to help you succeed.

So why work with us at A Better Cam Co? Here are just a few of the reasons:

Excellent Commissions - We're proud of our policy of offering a graduated pay rate that rewards excellence, dedication, responsibility, and hard work. We aim to make our pay out amounts the highest in the cam industry, without any of the confusing, double-dealing fuckery engaged in by other companies.

Twice Monthly Pay Outs - Your money belongs to you. You earned it. And when we get cashed - you get cashed. And no waiting.

Marketing and Affiliate Program - We help you to earn more money by giving you integrated marketing tools, allowing you easily cross -post your content across our social media network. In addition, you can be integrated into our affiliate program, where you can earn up to 30% of all sales you generate from your own traffic.

Posse Pay-Outs - Got friends who look as good as you do? Earn 3% from any model you recruit for as long as you are an active member of our site!

Tips - Grateful customers mean happy customers. At Better Cam, tips are paid at a far higher rate than any other cam site, because they indicate that a customer is happy with your service.

Sponsorships - Being an athlete is an expensive pastime. Training, coaches, gear, clothes, travel, contest fees, diets and supplements are a never-ending expense. So we now give our members the opportunity to support you in your athletic goals.

Chargebacks - We're on your side. We will never punish a model for a users' bad behavior. In case of unforeseen client problems, you can depend upon us. Your private chat and content sales will never be pulled back in case the unexpected occurs.

Cross Promotions - Have your own website? Trusted models may promote their own website and website content provided that your site does not compete directly with this site, or link to any of our competitor websites. Ask us for more details.

Want to Talk? - Communication. Ever been frustrated by your unanswered e-mails and unreturned phone calls from so-called "Central Headquarters" when you need to talk to an advisor – and fast? At Better Cam, we're always here for you. Shoot us an e-mail with a question, and we'll get back to you with an answer as fast as we can. The lights are on – and we're always at home for you.

We can never compete with the "big boys" when it comes to the vast quantity of models they present. To compete - we need quality men who are dedicated to their sport, in excellent physical condition, with good manners and a great attitude.In addition, you will need a private place to work, decent lighting, a good webcam, a clean computer, and a fast internet connection.If you fit that description, please read and agree to our code of conduct.

1) I understand that while working with JML, I am a representative of the company, and will be polite, considerate, and pleasant to all guests and visitors.I understand that rudeness, homophobia, and racial slurs have no place in polite society, and that this behavior may result in a fine or suspension.I understand that customers who engage in this behavior shall be kicked out of my chat room, and reported immediately.

2) I understand that it is entirely forbidden to promote other websites (without prior written permission) and that the mention of skype either verbally, in writing, or on video is a serious site violation, and may result in a fine and / or my immediate suspension. Transparency Note: We understand that you will temporarily earn more by cheating. However, working with us means that we do the marketing, provide the traffic, and the tools. We understand that you do not want to work for free; please understand that we don't want to work for free either! We promise, we all do better when we work together!

3. I understand that it is never okay to “hustle” clients; promising things we will not deliver, begging for tips, or treating people like human piggy banks (unless they have requested this.) People work hard for their money in a struggling economy, and all clients regardless of the size of their wallets, deserve to be treated with respect and dignity.

4. I understand that I have the right to be treated respectfully by clients, and will be responsible in my use of the kick button.Rude customers do not have to be tolerated.However, I also understand that every client starts out by being a free customer.

5. I understand that no frontal nudity may be posted in any public area of the website (no matter how tasteful), and that any NSFG (not-safe-for-grandma) photographs, thumbnails, or videos may be offered outside of paid areas of the site.

6. I understand that I must be over 18, that no one may perform in front of my camera on this site without being registered on the site.

7. I understand that I have the right to ask questions about policy, a responsibility to share my ideas, and the right to be listened to by staff and management.

8. I understand that work should be enjoyable, family comes first, and having fun is important.

As any veteran chat host will tell you, chat sites are all about building strong relationships with clients. And to do that, you need support – and the right social media tools.

With this in mind, we're committed to give you the finest tools available anywhere online today.

Four Modes of Chat: Private Exclusive, Private, Featured Group, and Party. You set the prices (within limits); you make the rules. (*Please note, different rules may apply, and certain modes may only be available to trusted performers.)

Instant Messaging - You will always have access to your customer lists, and will always be able to message them, provided they are not currently in a private chat with another model. We are upgrading our messaging and emailing services to be more social media adaptive, with all the features familiar to you on other popular social media sites.

Free Minutes - Models are given a monthly allotment of credits to give away to their most important clients for use in private chat. It's a great way for you to reward the loyalty of your most devoted followers. What's more, it inevitably results in longer chat times.

Integrated Marketing - Communicate with your customers across platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and YouTube (on our network of sites). Trusted models can opt-in to cross post (non-nude) photos, video previews, and blog postings to our network, automatically.

Enhanced Client Pages - Your clients now have access to advanced social media-like pages, and your content and updates will be posted directly to their page. They've bought your latest video? They'll be informed of all your other new videos. They've opted to follow you? They'll get all your activity, posted to their profile. The more activity you create, the more dynamic the site will be for your most-valued clients.

Create Your Own Video and Photo Content - Video content can make up to 30% of a site's overall revenue stream. Record your shows (and we will offer them directly to your client!), upload your home videos, post your photo content – and then sit back and reap the benefits. Trusted models can approve their own videos, so you can offer your content quickly, and keep your face at the top of the list! You set your own pricing (within limits) and can easily cross promote your content across our social media network.

Mentoring and Support - Not making the money you want? We will do everything we can to support you. The trade-off is that you need to listen! Managers, technical staff, and other veteran models will always be on hand with tools and tricks, techniques, recommendations, and support - anytime you need it.

Geo-Blocking - We understand that some nations are less liberal than others, and some athletes need to preserve their privacy in their own home country. We provide geo-blocking in order to help you protect your privacy.

Block / Kick / Ban - While it is our policy that all customers are treated with politeness, kindness, and dignity, we understand that some clients may not return the courtesy. If, after all polite attempts have failed to encourage good behavior, models are invited to use the kick button to get rid of disruptive elements in the chat room. *Please note: it is a policy violation to expel a customer for not having credits.

Percentages on are performance based, with among the highest real payouts in the industry - and we refuse to engage in tricky and deceitful percentage schemes that no one can ever reach! We understand that our success depends on you!

  • Models can earn 60% commission on their private chats, and up to 90% as part of our affiliate program.
  • Models earn an account Lifetime Percentage of referred models-only.
  • High Commissions on Gifts, Tips and Content Sales!
  • Regular Bonuses, Contests, and Performance Incentives.
  • Support, Training, and Tools - To Help You Succeed!
  • Twice Monthly Payments, Paid On Time!
  • Models can earn an 3-5% on any models they refer to our site.

To learn more about our generous payout structure, sign up now!



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