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Safari 11 - blocked streams

By default Safari 11 prevents any stream comprising video and sound from auto playing unless the …

Started by davidAdmin at 10/21/17

0 replies
Managing your list of followed models and members

The list of followed members in your: mypage / my settings / preferences is back Now from there …

Started by davidAdmin at 10/21/17

0 replies
Migrating from HTTP to HTTPS

Yesterday we started migrating JockGirls from HTTP to HTTPS We are still in the process. We hope…

Started by davidAdmin at 10/05/17

0 replies
Safari on Mac issue: going into private and getting out of a chatroom

There was a problem with the code of the new chatrooms and Safari on Mac. If you were on Safari …

Started by davidAdmin at 09/11/17

0 replies
Server Migration

Tues 29th of August we are migrating our servers - our models will be offline for one hour or so…

Started by davidAdmin at 08/29/17

0 replies
Facebook-like Newsfeed on your profiles

BIG NEWS!!!! JockGirlsLive is becomeing more and more the real and only 'Facebook of Muscles' Y…

Started by davidAdmin at 08/05/16

0 replies
Muscle fans Hub

I think this would be a great place to make a central hub for all female muscle fans

Started by titanchiam at 07/05/16



2 replies
Members Now Have PROFILE pages !!!!

BIG NEWS !!!! All members now have a real PROFILE page - similar to the models's profiles! And yo…

Started by davidAdmin at 06/03/16



2 replies
LIKE - Private Messages - Avatar - About Me

Hello guys! Many great improvements today: - you can LIKE a post - you can now have and display a…

Started by davidAdmin at 05/20/16



6 replies
New Forum - YOU ASK - we Deliver!

Based on our SurveyMonkey campaign, one of the new features you all agreed on was a forum!  …

Started by Admin at 04/28/16

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