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Originating Post: Living near the beach
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Stella Reign

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I am a Competitive Womens Physique and Womens Bodybuilder. Originally raised British as you will tell by accent but have lived in America for 18 years. I LOVE working out hard and being half German I have Amazonic strength and have many weights always by my side.HARD FLEXING and MUSCLE CONTROL is my specialty mixed with my sensual, blonde, busty sexiness will delight you! I am always looking to get BIGGER, STRONGER, why don't we do it TOGETHER!

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Doing my 5:30pm (EST) Friday feature here on jocks and decided to post this!  I am camming a Binkini, not so special I suppose but I actual live just a few moments by foot from the beach.  I just came from it before I cammed, I bring my 2 Kettlebells and my Marine training guide and do a workout so I am always nice and pumped for you to visit me on here!
The sea was like a lake today and eventhough it is only May it is so warm and I just dove in as I was so hot a sweaty from all my working out.
If you ever walk into my lobby and see me tanned, pumped and glowing, will it is not always from the gym...well, the BIG natural gym a few moments from my house I suppose you could say.
If it is not bright, sunny and cheery were you are just now, come and visit me and I will bring some sunshine into your life....DIVE IN!
Stella Reign....SUN QUEEN lol!Cool



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Sure the sun over the beach and the fresh wind comming from sea is awesome. I live closer too.


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I love the beach !

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