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Aevey Love & Feriha Taylor

Aevey Love & Feriha Taylor

We love BDSM, but in moderation. Please do not do not disrespect fetish play and do not make us do unacceptable things for us (if you are interested in knowing more, write to me in the chat, I will be happy to answer all questions) I like being beaten on the ass. I love when my hands and eyes are tied. It gives me the opportunity to feel all the touches and actions of my partner. And completely immerse yourself in the jaiphoria of passion I do not like being asked to do crazy things in a free chat. I am always glad to talk with you, to know how your affairs are, how life, etc. But if you want to know me "closer", you need to join me in a private chat Did I say that I like role-playing games?Once I was caught by the police for drinking beer in an unauthorized place.I saw handcuffs and I was replaced. When he put them on my hands I got an orgasm and asked to do it again.I do not know why, but the policeman called an ambulance.

weight: 115 Lbs waist: In. chest: In. bicep: In. thigh: In.
I'm a female interested in WOMEN.
AGE: 19
COUNTRY: United States

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