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Elza Potion

Elza Potion

I am fond of dancing! Pole dance, strip dance , different classical genres, gymnastics..I am very active, my life is motion, Hurry, or you will not catch up an appetizing private show with me!:) 2 women and a man, 2 man and a woman, whatever!!! Show me a woman that has never fantasized about a trio and I will prove to you that she is lying. Speak with me, be very open and ask me if she would like to experience it with you. I am your up-to-date-sexy-bot! haha I have an interesting idea! You like superman? cinderella? or batman? or any other character of unrealistic and fantastic tales? Me too. Well now it’s time to play these fun games, but this time for the adults. Then, start the tale. If you are not sure how to do it, just tell the beginning of the story and when the mind and imagination come into play, start the foreplay, change the script, and use your own words. This fantasy doesn’t have to be an exact replica of a fairy tale or a movie – They are only used to set up the fantasy mood. I am really open minded even crazy a little! So don`t be shy to ask me about fulfilling your fantasie! I am even crazy a little! Don`t be shy, Boy!

weight: 110 Lbs waist: In. chest: In. bicep: In. thigh: In.
I'm a female interested in Both MEN & WOMEN.
AGE: 21

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