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Candy Boss

Candy Boss

MY TITS AND MY ASS IS A GREAT WAY TO MAKE YOU FEEL THE BEST MAN IN THE WORLD, I'M READY TO PLAY AND TO BE IN ACTION, ARE GOING TO HAVE LOTS OF SEX MY ASS, I WANT TO SUCK YOUR COCK AND FEEL IT INSIDE MY BODY, I WANT TO SUCK MY PUSSY AND YOU HAVE YOUR COCK INSIDE MY I LIKE GOING OUT WITH MY FRIENDS, WANT TO KNOW MY FRIENDS COME WITH ME, GREAT MAN I CAN MEET YOU ALL YOUR FANTASIES ready to fulfill fetishesI'll do anything necessary just to see my client happy I need you here today that I'm sad.Come, let me see you, let me know, let me to aspire to own you and have you for me. Although it is our secret, only our secret.I want to feel between my skin and melt me in your arms, I want to feel your sweet caresses explore my body from North to South.Kiss me, give me the moisture of your tongue, lips, make your saliva get confused with my creating the taste of temperament.Give me the sweet sensation of your hands, who asks more each time, beam that is never satisfied nor quenched it.Touch me, and look at me to them eyes while feel as your fingers working explore my places more intimate and wet.It is still there, not pairs please! Explore, feel with me and find out more you find, as you watch the passion that trigger your antics on my face.Smile me, taunting my joy, my pleasure, to the satisfaction which make me feel with every movement in fake.You already feel more and more closely, seems you're my owner and you handle my feelings and sentiments to your own liking.Take advantage, don't miss the opportunity to own me, leave me breathless make your every cent Do you like it?As to me more.Penetrate me, invade me; my world of passion through your virile member knows, enters and salt me stealing the sighs and the little air that I left. And stay here forever inside of me, do not go never.Rob, Rob me of the natural world and take me to trance, the unknown, the perplexed, to maximum feeling of pleasure named climax, where you die for one second and return to life without realizing.Embrace me, comforts my cravings and calm my breathing, give me peace of mind and make me sleep with a kiss.After waking up and Ducharme, asea all intimate places where you left footprint, then feed me and repeats everything step by step again without stopping, until you age and die in your arms.Bury me and say goodbye to me. Do not forget before putting a flower in my hands without life, already that it will inject me your essence, your warmth, your breath, all the best to you, which will make me vibrate even dead and locked.Your slave

weight: 145 Lbs waist: In. chest: In. bicep: In. thigh: In.
I'm a female interested in Both MEN & WOMEN.
AGE: 21
BUILD: Competitive Physique / Fitness Model
COUNTRY: Colombia

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