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Amber Dhall

Amber Dhall

Hey hey, just to give you a little information about who i am and what makes me tic on a daily. I run about 5 miles a day, also do a lot of self resistance training. I also instruct a Barre class when I can. I am photographer in my off time and enjoy taking candid pictures of people of all ages. Capturing emotion on camera and holding a still emotion for a memory to live forever is a great advantage to us all. I am a true artist at heart and I'm very creative and have a very colorful mind and imagination, in many many ways. I have two cocker spaniels that are chocolate and the loves of my life. I graduated from college with a journalism degree and undergrad in English and am currently studying more hands on type of schooling for broadcasting. I enjoy being live talent, I always have loved being the center of attention and enjoy seeing people eat out of the palm of my hand. :) I would love to get to know people and see myself grow in many ways from each and every experience in life going forward. I have a heart of gold and feel I am here on earth to share this golden heart to make people feel special and loved as they truly are. Peace and love - Amber Ahhh, my fantasies. I must say there is something about the idea of non consensual sex that turns me on, however I'm sure if I was ever in such a serious situation my perspectives may change a bit lol! For the meantime though, I cant lie, something about someone being forceful and not allowing me to say no to anything physical is appealing to me? Aggressive, aggressive, aggressive! I enjoy when others enjoy taking their time and licking every spot for a very very long time. lets play Take me private and we can explore one another, or just me? I am very open minded and love to laugh! Laughter and music fills my soul. I am a sweet girl and not out to only make money. I feel that being on camera with you allows me to express myself sexually and emotionally and still keep myself safe from the nasty people in the world! I believe I was gifted with a beautiful body and face for a reason and why not share it with people that are truly interested and intrigued by it! I am new to this. I am ready to learn and explore people and their own ways of sexual expression. I have a few fun tips and things that you may be interested in seeing. see ya soon mwah xoxoxox

weight: 135 Lbs waist: In. chest: In. bicep: In. thigh: In.
I'm a female interested in Both MEN & WOMEN.
AGE: 28
BUILD: Competitive Physique / Fitness Model
COUNTRY: United States

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