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Goddess Ezili

Goddess Ezili

fem dom, financial domination,cfnm, sch, joi,fetish dressing, corsets, stockings, high heels,garterbelts, stockings, knee socks,whips,cbt,interaccial, ebony superiority,role play,brat,giantess,verbal abuse,humiliation,tease,wedgies,ebony ass fetish,goddess worship,beautiful face, beautiful eyes, hot brunette,ebony goddess,lip fetish, big lips,fit,big boobs, big black tits, ebony ass worship,american girl,luxury,money fetish, sugardaddy,sexy legs, long legs, foot fetish, cute toes, wrinkled soles, shoe fetish, panty fetish, voyeur, cuckhold,leather,sub training,spoiled, bitch,sexy,trample, strict, bitchy,intelligent,spandex,eyegaze induction,glamorous,sassy, classy,ballet pointe toe shoes, boots Having a totally Devoted gorgeous yet trustworthy beta/alpha Man who has a big enough income & wallet and generous enough to please me and a big enough cock at least 5 inches _to makes me cum buckets, adores, me, spoils me and Treats me like the precious rare jewel Black Goddess that I am and secure enough to tell me when he wants me to top him and put my finger up his ass and milk his prostate occasionally. If you know where I can find this Unicorn of a man- let me know;)( elon musk call me ! lol!) These are not all MY Fetishes per say but possible Fetishes YOU may have that I am willing to explore: My main fetish is FINDOM and TEASE. ebony Foot/Leg fetish, fem dom,bratty dom, Financial Slavery,sugar daddy, Goddess Worship, Ebony Fetish, ebony lip/mouth,abused shoes,stockings,fetish,giantism,trampling,cuckhold,chastity, ass worship, cleavage/big tits worship,cfnm,role play,cbt,tease denial,boot worship,spitting,socks,shoe dangling, dipping,squashing,point and flex,wrinkled soles, stockings, pantyhose, wedges,ballet pointe toe shoes fetish,race play,joi,latex,balloon, smoking,fitness, muscle flexing,yoga,stretching,tease, pole dancing, wedgies, spit,verbal abuse. anything else ask(politely) Sexy,Class & brains! Elite Ebony Financial /Fem/ Fetish tease Dom you are not worthy of! Be a Good pay Piggie and I might let you cum. You front for your friends family & co w- workers but I know what a pervy pig you really are! Youmight be the big boss to them but in my room you are my slave and I call ALL the shots!What a relief for you! feel free to Humiliate yourself filthy Piggie! You disgust me yet your filthy perversions fascinate me!Think of me as your personal Dominatrix psychologist,life coach,financial planner,trainer,stern black superior mistress,muse,Goddess and obsession! :) My rules: Do not bark orders at me or make a request without a Tribute/Tip. Do not plan on just staring at me for over 5 minutes while you wank your tiny cock without saying hello(you have my permission to do so) or Tribute. When you do speak,Address me properly- Hello Mistress, Goddess, Mamzelle, Queen etc Not "BB", "Hey", "S'up" or in any other rude classless way.I do not Accept Paypal. I do not get Naked for losers so Don't ask. I do not wear ugly strap ons ever. If you send me a gift from my wish list be it cash or item,it is a gift and not in exchange for any service/show. I prefer exclusive private sessions but if you want to humilste yourself in Open chat here are some requests/prices Flip you the bird/middle finger 20 cr Blow you a kiss 20cr Ask me a question - 20cr Stand & twirl - 20crApply lipstick/gloss-20 cr Foot flash in heels - 30crB are Foot flash - 50crMuscle flexing-50crSmoke-50crPublic Verbal Humiliation-100cr (3 minutes),talk about your filthy fetish in free chat 100 cr 5 min other request in open chat ask and be ready to tribute aka tip! and no I do not get naked for loser pigs like you- I don't have to, bitch!! how dare you even think to ask!

weight: 130 Lbs waist: In. chest: In. bicep: In. thigh: In.
I'm a female interested in MEN.
AGE: 32
BUILD: Fitness Model / Bikini Model
COUNTRY: United Kingdom

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